Privacy Policy

Company Information

This Privacy Policy apply to the KOOLPON website located at, and all associated sites linked to (the Site) by AcePlus Solutions company limited in the Union of the Republic of Myanmar and having its office in Yangon.

Types of information we collect

Our system is collecting user information, merchant information and discount information for the below reasons.
  • We collect name, encrypted password, age, gender, address, email, phone and payment information for the user account creation, providing discount coupons and buying process.
  • We collect business information and discount information from merchant for advertising in application.
  • We collect name, encrypted password, address, phone, email from merchant for merchant account creation to verify coupon code from end user and related information.

How the collected information is processed and shared

  • When user make registration in our system, we keep user personal information such as name, encrypted password, email, gender, phone and address in system.
  • User can also login with facebook, we take and keep user’s facebook_id, facebook name, facebook_avatar and facebook_email of user in system.
  • According to the confirmation with merchants, we collect business information and discount information from them and discount coupons are created in system.
  • After we get user and merchant personal information, we do not share or give other organizations or company.
  • We do not share discrimination, hatred, violence, pornographic, sexist and homophone information.

Third party websites and applications

  • We use google analytics, facebook, twitter and 2c2p payment gateway.


  • We keep personal information of user and merchant information. Thus, we carefully think the security for information and use security technologies to protect all data stored in our server.
  • We use internal access control; thus, some limited staff have access for information.
  • Servers that store visitor information are regularly backed up to protect against lost.
  • We use security technologies like SSL, encryption, firewalls and secure passwords.

Contact Us

  • If you have any questions regarding privacy while using the Application, or have questions about our practices, please contact us via email at